Jun 15, 2012 ⇢ By: Sima Ballinger

5 reasons dads are forgotten on Father’s Day

Father’s Day can be a bit more emotional than Mother’s Day because fathers are least celebrated than mothers. In order to help bridge the gap, we have developed a list of five reasons fathers are forgotten on Father’s Day.

Divorced fathers. If children are minors, and cannot drive or have no money to purchase something for their dad who does not live with them, they might get forgotten. And if the relationship between the father and mother is strained, the father may be left in the cold.

Dads who live far away. Fathers who live many miles away from their children have a huge challenge. The children may not plan in time to get a present sent off to dad. Traveling the distance to spend time with dad may be too costly for the family.

Dads in the hospital or rehab. Most people do not want to visit the hospital. If dad is hospitalized, visitation from loved ones may be out the question.

Remarried fathers. Sometimes children resent their dads new spouse, and do not want to be around dad and his new wife.
Incarcerated dads. Fathers who are in prison are perhaps at the top of the list to be remembered on Father’s Day. Fathers who have been wrongfully imprisoned get a bad rap. Fathers who are guilty of a crime get kicked to the curb.