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Review by: Stuart Scott
Sportscaster, Anchor, ESPN’s SportsCenter

Fatherhood is the toughest most rewarding full time job in life. Dwayne and I are from the same a Dad, you're never 'off' the clock...which means you are blessed to cherish every minute of it.

Review by: Chris Gardner
Author of #1 New York Times bestseller, THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS

In this unforgettable, uplifting read, you’ll discover so much more: a fatherhood journey that reminds us all of the miraculous power of faith and family.

Review by: LeBron James
Miami Heat

People already know how amazing D-Wade is on the court—this book will show fans what an amazing person he is off of it.

Review by: Kirkus Reviews

The smooth, composed memoir of a superstar NBA player juggling celebrity and fatherhood.

From the opening pages, Wade’s comforting narrative voice—assisted by author Rivas (Becoming Dr. Q, 2011, etc.)—draws readers in, as he provides recollections from his shy childhood in the 1980s, during which his drug-addicted mother shuffled him around the gang-addled streets of South Side Chicago. He was comforted by his loving grandmother and an obsession with basketball and Michael Jordan, as well as his older sister, Tragil, who shepherded her baby brother out of harm’s way. In school, Wade’s stepbrother dominated the varsity basketball games, but an early growth spurt and a string of expert coaches allowed Wade to shine and demonstrate his burgeoning abilities on the court. His star potential blossomed at Marquette University and eventually fostered NBA celebrity status as a guard for the Miami Heat. However, his marriage to high school sweetheart Siohvaughn Funches ended in a tumultuous 2007 divorce, and a custody battle for sons Zaire and Zion became ugly. The text seamlessly alternates between Wade’s rise to athletic fame and the aftermath of a 2011 decision to award him sole custody of his two sons, a legal decision eliciting both positive (stability for his boys) and negative ramifications (Funches’ vicious accusations and relentless interference). Wade capably demonstrates the power of hard work, faith, honest fatherhood and the dedication necessary to achieve happiness and harmony from hardscrabble beginnings.

A refreshing chronicle of a fervent sportsman with his head and heart in all the right places.

Review by: Publisher’s Weekly

In 2011, Wade, a basketball superstar with the Miami Heat, won full custody of his two young sons in a much publicized battle with his high school sweetheart and ex-wife, Siohvaughn. Using the happy resolution as his starting point, Wade recalls his own life, returning to the courtroom ugliness and peppering the story with his observation on fatherhood. Forget about Wade's soft-focus parenting advice or the endless drama surrounding his deteriorating marriage and custody woes. Wade's frank examination of his childhood, most of which was spent in a Chicago neighborhood ruled by gangs and drugs, focuses the narrative. His mom, Jolinda, kept finding a new bottom due to almost insurmountable drug addiction. Wade's older sister, Tragil, swooped him out of the chaos, taking the eight-year-old to live with their disciplinarian, basketball-loving-father. Recalling his younger days, Wade is honest and clear-eyed, whether it's describing his mother's destructive behavior, outlining his misguided reason for starting a relationship with Siohvaughn, or describing the peace of backyard basketball. All things considered, Wade's narrative is inspirational, and his enthusiasm for life and parenthood is apparent.