Apr 1, 2017

SpotlightOn – Avery Easley

Avery is currently involved in a program housed at NEBC called “You Got Served” Culinary Program. Avery does 30 hours per month at this program site.

Extracurricular activities that Avery participates in are Youth Mentoring, Hospitality and Décor Boot Camp, where etiquette is one of the focus areas. In this particular program young men are shown what or how to be men while being mentored by mature male mentors and taught how to deal with “life issues”.

Avery has the mindset to be a chef or a “mixologist”. Avery is a very mature young man. Once Avery chooses his career, he will have thoroughly thought about how he would be able to “live off the salary.”

Being that he is passionate about cooking, culinary arts would be a great choice for him. But as often, we tell our teens to have a second plan in place just in case the first choice does work out. Avery a teen that continues to seek ways to make his environment harmonious. He is a team player, leader, problem solver. He is a go getter type of a teen.

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