Mar 4, 2017

SpotlightOn – Estrella Rivera

Estrella Rivera is a member of the Youth Council at BUILD Inc where she is able to participate in volunteer opportunities and community service projects throughout the year. Youth Council meets three times per week for 2 and a half hours each day. In the past, Estrella has managed several community service projects with Youth Council, which includes a mural for San Lucas Church in Humboldt Park.

Estrella is currently planning a Youth Innovation Conference that Youth Council plans to host next year. The conference is an opportunity for Estrella to plan and implement workshops to give other youth information on life skills through career based workshops.

Estrella received direction in her life through the programming and mentorship at BUILD and the Youth Innovation Conference is her opportunity to inspire other youth to pursue a post secondary education leading to a promising career. While in middle school, Estrella Rivera struggled with her grades as well as bullying from her classmates. Estrella joined BUILD’s after school program where she was able to have a safe space to make lifelong friends and receive guidance from positive adult mentors.

The staff members from BUILD were able to assist Estrella in concentrating on her school work and focussing on her future. Estrella went on to actively participate in BUILD events such as art and photography workshops, BUILD’s Annual Public Speaking Contest, and Louder Than a Bomb’s poetry competition at Roosevelt University.

Aside from her participation in BUILD’s programming, Estrella is currently a member of HOSA, where she receives leadership development and motivation to pursue a career in the health care industry. Estrella’s participation in BUILD has given her the safe space and the opportunities to realize her educational and career potential.

Estrella Rivera aspires to become the first member of her family to pursue a post secondary education at Duke University and obtain a career in the medical field. Estrella plans to dedicate her life to providing assistance to others and empowering those in need. After achieving a career in the medical field, Estrella plans to continue her involvement with BUILD and give direction to youth growing up in under resourced neighborhoods. Estrella looks to prove that youth in impoverished and often dangerous neighborhoods can overcome adversity and reach their lifelong goals.

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