Mar 24, 2017

SpotlightOn – Jadari Ames

This year, Jadri, began working with the Chicago Police Department 11 District on a youth outreach program. They meet once a month to try to get youth and police officers to connect in a positive way. Jadari was chosen to be the youth liaison between the students and the police. He facilitates the meeting along with the officers.

Jadari has been part of many service projects at Marillac, neighborhood clean-up, painting porches for senior citizens, helping with food distribution for families, homework help to younger students and many more. He is someone we always count on to help out.

Jadari is involved is serval sports teams with his school, at Marillac and in the community. He loves basketball, football and Lacross. He is on the Robtics team and has a mechanical mind – great at putting things together. In his Robotics group his leadership and ability to work well with anyone on the team has been vital in getting this group going.

Jadari has a great sense of humor. People like being around him. His Grandmother worries about him getting caught up in the wrong thing all the time. Staying involved is very important to him and his family. It gives him focus.

Last year he lost a fourteen year old cousin to gun violence. His step brother has been shot twice in less than a year. The reality of life on the west side of Chicago can be extremely hard for young men. Jadari, his sixteen year old brother and his eighteen year old sister are at Marillac everyday working and being part of the programs. They all have plans for their futures. Being involved at Marillac and at church keeps them all motivated even when life gets hard.

This summer Jadari took on part time job at a swimming pool service company two days a week. He loved having a job and earning his own money to buy a phone.

Jadari would truly like to be the next Dwyane Wade, but his other plan is to be a police officer. He is interested in working on the west side of Chicago where he lives. His knowledge of his community, his family and his strong commitment to those around him will make a difference as an officer.

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