Jan 9, 2017

SpotlightOn – Jasmine Voss

Jasmine is a dedicated, focused and inquisitive young lady. She has maintained an impeccable attendance record at school and in the Journey to My Better Self Media Empowerment program through After School Matters.

Jasmine has also worked in the Wreaths of LUV program. She always wants to know the objectives in order to plan accordingly. As well, she asks questions to gain a better understanding of the work she is doing and the impact it will have on her life and the lives of others.

Jasmine has begun working on her community service learning hours. She assists with programming geared towards working with at-risk youth and Youth in Care (DCFS). She has also volunteered to sit on a panel and provide feedback on mock trials regarding police brutality.

Jasmine is also a member of ROTC, which speaks to her high level of discipline. Last year, she was on the swim team and the Student Voice Committee; this committee spearheaded change initiatives (i.e. grading system, Colloquium Day, etc.). She is also a member of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance. The latter has allowed her to facilitate conversations with students about tolerance. As well, she participated in a sensitivity training for teachers.

Jasmine aspires to be an orthodontist. When she first received her braces, she hated them. She was inspired by the transformation that was brought about by a skilled and reassuring physician. She often remarks about how she is fascinated with teeth now. She also plans to continue to volunteer and give back to her community.

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