Apr 13, 2016

Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50

The editors of Sports Illustrated teamed up with sports and fashion experts to select the world’s 50 most stylish athletes, including the most fashionable athlete in sports.

Athletes were evaluated for more than what they wear, but how they wear it, where they wear it, why they wear it; designer collaborations, attendance at fashion shows, social media presence, investment in fashion, endorsements and other partnerships were all considered and a panel of stylists, executives, models, journalists and other influencers in the fashion industry worked with SI’s Jamie Lisanti to help shape the list.

Style MVPS: The Top 10

7. Dwyane Wade

Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50

Everyone knows D-Wade the basketball player, but I am also a father, husband, businessman and friend—and my style reflects that mix. It’s unpredictable. Some days I am suited and booted while other days I’m wearing casual sweats, but everything is always well tailored and worn with my own flare. Because I travel often I get to see how different countries and cultures interpret clothing and my wardrobe is inspired by those places. Fashion has allowed me to expand my brand beyond basketball. I currently have a line with The Tie Bar, a collaboration with socks brand Stance, a watch with Hublot and a range with underwear brand Naked—and I am not stopping there. Stay tuned.

— Dwyane Wade