Dec 3, 2016

Dwyane Wade on Where He Hangs Out in Chicago & His Go-to Meal on Cheat Day

By J.P. Anderson

Cover star Dwyane Wade dishes on his favorite places in the Windy City—and his dream cheat meal at a certain local fast food institution.

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade out on the court.

What are you enjoying most about being back in Chicago?
DWYANE WADE: Just the feeling of home. It’s always been special when I come to Chicago—no matter what this is home, this is my birthplace, and I’m just enjoying getting to know the city. I haven’t been able to do much yet because we’ve been at training camp and coach has been working us, so I’ve been going home and going to sleep more so than anything. But just being back here and feeling the buzz of this time of the year for the Chicago Bulls, and being here at a time when the Cubs are doing great, in a time where the Blackhawks are successful… [I] love Miami and everything we were able to create out there, but it’s a different feel here in Chicago where it’s a total sports town.

Have you found any favorite places in the city?
DW: I’m still on the lookout, but one place I can always go is Soho House. That’s a place where I feel confident and comfortable.

Do you have a favorite view of the city?
DW: Not yet—most of my views right now of the city have been in the car, of the road, going back from practice to home, practice to home, so I haven’t found that view yet.

What about a favorite building or piece of architecture?
DW: I’ve always had an appreciation for the John Hancock Building. I see it every day when I leave my home.

Now that you’re back in Chicago, what foods do you crave?
DW: I love a few different kinds of pizza in Chicago: Giordano’s Pizza, Beggars Pizza—but Portillo’s is the place I really like. It’s probably bad for me, but I crave it, and every now and again when I get those cheat days I go ahead and do it. My meal is typically two Polishes with cheese and ketchup and mustard and French fries, and then sometimes when I want something different, I might go with an Italian beef—their Italian beef is incredible. Those are my go-tos.