New York Times Features Dwade
Jun 8, 2012 ⇢ By: EDWARD LEWINE

New York Times Features Dwade

Owner: Dwyane Wade, aka D-Wade, aka Flash

Age: 30

Vocation: Miami Heat basketball player, philanthropist, memoirist

N.B.A. Championships: 1

Assessment of Obama’s game: ‘‘He’s very smart on the court and takes timely shots. Not a bad player.’’

Moonlighting: Writing ‘‘A Father First,’’ a parenting memoir

Secret about LeBron: ‘‘Loud all the time. It’s like having my sons with me.’’

Mama’s boy: I live in Miami during the basketball season, but when the off-season comes, I make Chicago my home. The summer weather is better. Also, my entire family is here. My mother will never leave Chicago. She loves it.

Townie: I’ve lived in the suburbs, but I decided to buy a four-story, four-bedroom town house in downtown Chicago. I love the atmosphere — it’s where I spend most of my time when I am here. The town house development gives me a sense of community.

Self-referential decorating: I’ve got a lot of photos on my wall that kind of trace my journey. My favorite, as you walk in my front door, is one that says, “Welcome to Robbins, Illinois,” which is where I grew up.

Metrosexual obsession, part I: Every man should travel with baby wipes. I might have messed up the pipes in my house one time by flushing nonflushable wipes.

Metrosexual obsession, part II: I am one of those men who love the body wash, the lotions, the powders for my feet. I like to smell good too.

Typical pro-athlete obsession: The watch completes any outfit. I probably own 15 watches at any time. My favorite is the Hublot Big Bang King Power watch, which I helped design. I have a relationship with that brand.

Collections: I keep a lot of books around: I have some about cars; I have some about fashion; I have basketball books and books for the kids. I’ve also got quite a few parenting books.

Alma Mater: I have a Marquette University blanket that I use on the couch. They took a chance on me even though my high-school scores made me ineligible to play at first.

M. J. memento: In my closet you’ll find Jordan shoes, Jordan clothes, everything. I have a partnership with his clothing company.

Riley memento: When the Heat won the N.B.A. finals in 2006, Pat gave each of us a card. It reads “Forever” on one side and “15 Strong” on the other. I have mine framed in my house.

Prized bling: I have this key chain with Z and Z, the initials of my sons, Zaire and Zion. I wear it except when I’m in a suit and the keychain would stick out in my pocket.

Fashion police: When I travel, I will often have my clothes sent ahead of time. The clothes arrive with a memo from my stylist, Calyann Barnett, outlining which look is for which day. I might say no to a certain look a million times, but she keeps driving. It’s good to have that.

Runway shows he won’t miss: 1) Versace 2) Rag & Bone 3) DSquared2 4) Any opportunity to sit with Anna Wintour

Bedside accouterment: I have phone chargers that are hooked up inside my night table, so I don’t have to crawl on the floor. I always carry two cellphones. I’m a dad and I need an emergency backup.

A table not for dining: I have a massage table in my house. I get massages all the time. We have a masseur for the team, and I have two masseurs that might travel with me.

Wild-but-printable fan experience: I was at a club and I tweeted a photo of some shoes a lady was wearing. I was like: “Ladies, don’t wear these shoes. It’s unacceptable.” Thirty minutes later, she came up to me very angry and said, “How can you take a picture of my feet?”

Guilty pleasure: I snack at night. My personal chef doesn’t keep much in the house, and that means I end up eating my kids’ Goldfish or cookies. They don’t know. They’d be angry.

Favorite at-home activities with his sons, Zaire, 10, and Zion, 4: 1) Play basketball in their rooms 2) Pillow fight on Dad’s bed 3) Read a book 4) Talk before bedtime 5) Play with flashcards

Wade’s All-Time Dream Team: PG: Magic Johnson SG: Michael Jordan C: Shaquille O’Neal PF: Karl Malone SF: Larry Bird