Shine a Spotlight On Positivity

Americans today hear a non-stop narrative about the problems and challenges facing under-resourced, urban communities. While gun violence and gang activity are certainly one story, there are many other, even more powerful stories that could and must be told. But we don’t hear these accounts—the ones about the young people who are succeeding against all odds, and organizations committed to ending violence and igniting educational achievement.

It's time to change our focus. We need to shine a spotlight on the signs of hope wherever they emerge, and invest in those who are making a difference in their communities. All individuals have the potential to shape the story— for ourselves, our cities and our country.

This is Dwyane Wade’s purpose for launching Spotlight On, and his theory of impact:

When we change the story by showing the good that’s possible in our communities, we not only change the story of a neighborhood, but the lives of those who live there.

This is what Spotlight On is about. And this is what we will do.

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