You Must Do It Just

Wade understands that a celebrity’s responsibility is to inspire those who need it, and to support communities in order to build them up. Whether its through time, money, effort or vision, Wade strives to do provide for his family, team and community, justly.

The Wade’s World Foundation provides support to community-based organizations that promote education, health and social skills for children in at-risk situations. Dwyane was inspired to start the foundation because he wanted to give back to underserved communities and support issues of purpose. “I can’t just let basketball define who I am and what I am supposed to become,” said Wade. “Like my mother always tells me, ‘My life is bigger than basketball.’”

Since 2003, Dwyane and his family have been dedicated to giving back to their core communities in the Chicago and South Florida areas through a variety of community outreach programs. As the WWF continues to develop and expand, the mission is to touch young lives around the globe.

Dwyane has hosted a free basketball camp for nearly 600 youth from the Robbins, Illinois, area for the last four years and for the first time in August 2007, he hosted “A Week of Wade’s World in South Florida” – a week long series of events and appearances that touched hundreds of South Florida kids. With the goal of building a youth center in the area where he grew up, Dwyane will continue to support a variety of programs that inspire, uplift and motivate.

“I can’t just let basketball define who I am and what I am supposed to become. Like my mother always tells me, ‘My life is bigger than basketball.”

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3 Under the Tree

In the spirit of creating lasting holiday memories, the Wade’s World Foundation has developed a series of seasonal giving events benefiting families in the Chicago and South Florida area including 3 Under the Tree, Home Invasions, the Family First Grant, A Day Away and our annual Thanksgiving giveaways.

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Live to Dream

The LIVE TO DREAM Program supports youth in underserved communities through exposure to an array of diverse activities, education, and training to ignite, expand, and nurture the raw talents, abilities and aspirations of our young people.

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