PROUDLY, founded by Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union, is a sustainable baby care brand with specially formulated products dedicated to the unique skincare needs of children of color.

“We’re so excited to officially announce our new baby company, PROUDLY. As we continue to work on new endeavors together, our goal is to always center our work around being the change we want to see while championing diversity, equity and inclusion. With PROUDLY, we’re proud to have a range of products that caters to the unique skin care needs of children of color that are so often overlooked in the mass market,” said Gabrielle Union-Wade and Dwyane Wade.

PROUDLY focuses on not only developing important products, but also on innovating on a new business model and culture that is based on the well-documented connection between diversity, equity, inclusion, and other ethical practices with good business. The company prioritizes diversity and representation by leveraging unique approaches to removing barriers that typically impede diverse, high-potential talent and enables a work culture that respects, elevates, and values an employee’s most vibrant and truest self. In parallel, the Brand inspires its business partners to raise the bar in their own business practices, diversity recruitment and treatment of its employees—building a larger community of like-minded businesses moving towards progress. By ensuring that both the team behind PROUDLY and its partners are representative of and mission-aligned towards the community they serve, they will better deliver products that solve the problems their consumers face and trailblaze a path towards building businesses better.