Dwyane Wade on Fashionista - DSQUARED2

Dwyane Wade Got The Best Fashion Industry Advice From Jon Bon Jovi, Not Anna Wintour

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

The Chicago Bulls shooting guard just debuted a capsule collection with Dsquared2 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Dwyane Wade on Fashionista - DSQUARED2

Designer fashion and pro sports collided on the seventh floor of Saks Fifth Avenue on Monday night as basketball star Dwyane Wade and Dsquared2 designers Dean and Dan Caten celebrated the launch of their exclusive menswear capsule collection. The injured shooting guard, who returned to his hometown of Chicago last year after 13 years in sunny Miami playing for the Heat, spent his down time productively, introducing the nine-piece collection, featuring classics with a little flair — nylon bombers, a crystal-embellished collared shirt, lean-fit joggers and a shimmery tuxedo jacket — to media, Saks shoppers and avid basketball fans.

“[The inspiration for the collaboration consists of] the sports world and the fashion world,” Dean Caten told Fashionista, in a fitting room-turned-media green room for the evening. “We tried to keep it fashionably sporty with pieces that are easy and just staples.” The three friends and frequent collaborators wanted a capsule that essentially takes men from day to night, as glossy mags like to say.

Now, the Dsquared2 x Dwyane Wade collection isn’t the three-time NBA champion’s first foray into fashion. He counts ties, socks, underwear, clothing and sneakers, with his own Way of Wade line in partnership with Li Ning, as part of his growing portfolio. For the past five years, he’s also thrown his own mini-Fashion Week for charity with a runway event, A Night on the Runwade, which gave audiences a sneak peek at the Dsquared2 collab in March. Plus, he’s rubbed shoulders with the biggest industry influencer in the biz, Anna Wintour.

Before greeting his fans, Wade, dressed in pieces from the collection, graciously chatted with Fashionista about the difference between Chicago and Miami style, the best advice he’s received about entering the fashion game (which came from an unlikely source), and what requires thicker skin: fashion or sports?

Dwyane Wade on Fashionista - DSQUARED2

You just held your runway show A Night on the Runwade with the Catens in Chicago. What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of putting a runway show together?

Well, we started it in Miami and we had to build a brand in the [new] space because it’s not New York, it’s not London, where they know fashion week is coming. So it was totally different to build and get support for people to come out and appreciate it. From there, it took us awhile to get the right sponsors and things like that. But having DSquared2 come on and be the title sponsor and show their collection, that made it so much easier to put on a runway this year in Chicago. Now we have the excitement. People know what to expect. They know it’s coming every year now, so it’s growing.

What do you think is the biggest difference between Chicago and Miami style?

Well, it’s hard to have style in Miami because you don’t want to wear much. [laughs] Because it’s so hot. So I never look to Miami like, ‘Oh, people got style here,’ because people either wear white or they don’t wear much. When you go to a city like Chicago, it’s obviously because of the weather. Now you’re able to show a little bit more of your personality because you’ve got to wear lots of different layers. You get to put on different things, different materials, overcoats and then another overcoat.

How do you think you’re altering your own style now that you’re in colder climates?

When I went back to Chicago, it was all about the coats. It was all about the furs. I never got the chance to wear furs like that [in Miami], so I went and bought a lot of them. Then I started wearing beanies. I like to wear mine like the Marvin Gaye style — the rolled up beanie — that’s not really serving a purpose, really. It’s just above your ears, but it brings something else to [your look].

As an elite athlete, how do you think fashion and being fashionable helps you communicate and build upon your brand?

[Being fashionable] has introduced me to a whole new arena of people, which has brought more and different eyes to my brand. Obviously my brand is me, and what I am building, so I’ve been able to go in different places and different rooms and be able to meet these new people, be able to build these new relationships and it’s been cool. It’s really taken my brand in a different direction.

You have your brand in all these different fashion categories, like bowties and your sneaker line, how do you see it growing?

You know what’s funny? I had a conversation — this was years ago — I was over at Jon Bon Jovi’s house in the Hamptons and had a conversation with Jon and a few guys … we were talking about fashion. I was telling him how I wanted to be involved in it, and at the time, the question that kept coming back to me was, ‘well, what have you done?’ I was like, ‘well, nothing!’ They were like, ‘maybe you should build your portfolio first before you go and say you want to start your own line.’

So I started from scratch; I said I want to start from the bottom up, it was the socks, it was the ties, it was the shoes, it was the underwear. My whole thing was to try to learn all this stuff instead of coming out and saying, ‘I have a name, hopefully I can make a suit and somebody will buy it.’ I really wanted somebody to understand that I’ve done multiple things, that we know what we’re doing and what we’re talking about and gain respect [that way].

Dwyane Wade on Fashionista - DSQUARED2

Did Anna Wintour ever give you any words of advice? You’ve hung out together and sat next to each other at Fashion Week.

Yeah, I don’t know [about] words of advice. I think for me, the fact that I sat next to Anna, the fact that I’ve done multiple things with her, it’s been pretty cool. That means that she respected me as an athlete in this space and that was pretty big. Because obviously she is who she is and it means a lot to get that stamp of approval from Anna.

For any upstart athletes out there who are thinking of entering the fashion world, what advice would you give?

Don’t be afraid. I think how myself — and you see other guys like Russell Westbrook — you have to show [the fashion] on you first. You get the eyes on you first and you can’t be afraid to take chances. You can’t be afraid of people commenting or talking about you. And if you’re afraid of what people say, this might not be the space for you. Unless you have that background in design. It’s a different world than we’re used to as athletes, but get to know it and I think you’d be much more appreciative [rather] than jumping into it because you’re a name.

Do you think you need to have a thicker skin to be in sports or fashion?

I’m gonna say sports because I’m just getting into the fashion world, but I’m sure it has its challenges that I haven’t yet experienced. I’ve experienced a lot more in sports because I’ve played it longer, but I’m sure it has its challenges and to be good in anything, you gotta understand that everyone is not going to like it. No matter what you’re going to do. Not everyone is going to like you, everyone is not going to like what you do and you’ve gotta be okay with that. You’ve gotta be okay with the ones that do and focus on them. Don’t focus on others.

What is your one biggest fashion regret?

I have probably so many, right? And we all look back at something and will be like, ‘I don’t know…’ but I like to say because of those moments of regret, I’m here today. You know how they say ‘no press is bad press?’ Well, I probably got talked about and all that, but it allowed me to be here because what it did for me, attention wise, was put my name into that world, which allowed doors to open. So whatever regrets I have from what I wore allowed me to be here today, so I’m fine with it.

The Dsquared2 x Dwyane Wade capsule collection is exclusively available at select Saks Fifth Avenue locations and on

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

A Night on the Runwade

Dwyane Wade Fashion Show Scores for At-Risk Kids

By Candace Jordan

A Night on the Runwade

Chicago Bulls’ star Dwyane Wade hosted his fifth annual A Night on the RunWade on March 19 at Revel Fulton Market. Over 500 guests attended the sold-out fashion show event that featured looks from Dsquared2 and benefited the Wade’s World Foundation, a nonprofit that provides support to community-based organizations that promote education, health and social skills for at-risk kids.

Wade partnered with Calyann Barnett (creative director/stylist for WWB Lifestyle) to create an immersive experience for attendees that included a variety of interactive displays. As VIP guests arrived, they were directed to a lighted tunnel, where they were encouraged to “strut their stuff” for the camera. The runway walks were videotaped for sharing on social media.

Hot mixes were provided by DJs Coco & Breezy (twin designers Corianna and Brianna Dotson), and Champagne was served by an aerialist suspended from the ceiling. Pop-up stores showcased products that included Giuseppe Zanotti designer shoes, WOW 5 sneakers, Hublot (presenting sponsor) luxury watches and Coco & Breezy eyewear. (A portion of sales was donated to the foundation). Beauty for Real provided makeup touch-ups, and virtual-reality displays transported guests to a Jack Daniel’s distillery and a California desert.

Tap-dancing twins Sean and John Scott ushered guests to their seats for the fashion show. Les Twins, Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois, kicked off the runway presentation with a hip-hop performance.

A Night on the RunWade at Revel Fulton Market on March 19. — Video by Bob Metelus

The 15-minute show featured 40 looks from Dsquared2’s fall/winter 2017 collection. A crowd favorite was wool jogging pants paired with a streetwear-style T-shirt that featured Wade’s jersey number 3 on the back. Wade wore an ensemble from the brand’s upcoming capsule collection that he collaborated on with designers Dean and Dan Caten.

Wade and Barnett, joined by three sets of twins, ended the show posing before a bank of photographers as the crowd stood and cheered. Notables in attendance included Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler and Paul Zipser, Chicago Bears Roy Robertson-Harris and De’Vante Bausby, actor LaRoyce Hawkins, rapper Rockie Fresh, actresses Mariel Hemingway, Gabrielle Union and Yaya DaCosta, soccer stars Christen Press and Samantha Johnson, Chicago Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg and former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams.

“What inspires me most is knowing that there are a lot of kids out there like I was and that all it takes is for someone to believe in you or look at you in a certain way to change a life. I’m thrilled to have a platform to support them, especially now here in my hometown. … I’m lucky to be so blessed, and I know that when you’re given a lot, much is expected. I’m trying to leave the world a better place,” said Wade.

The foundation was established in 2003 to help kids in underserved communities. Its motto is “Every child deserves a shot.”

Raise It

Pokerstars #RaiseIt Challenge: Dwyane Wade vs. Cristiano Ronaldo

PokerStars second installment of #RaiseIt, the global social media campaign featuring Team PokerStars SportStar Cristiano Ronaldo and renowned basketball player Dwyane Wade, has been a success around the world with their unique series of videos surpassing 112 million views. The entire campaign, which features other legendary sports stars, has now surpassed 158 million views on social media and

Sports fans across the globe watched football sensation Ronaldo and NBA star and Chicago Bulls player Wade attempt to one-up each other in the series of playful yet competitive videos created by the world’s largest online site, PokerStars, an Amaya Inc. (Nasdaq: AYA; TSX: AYA) brand. The series played out from November 2016 to January 2017 on Ronaldo and Wade’s social media channels, introducing millions of people to the PokerStars brand.  

The unique videos saw the sporting superstars showcase an impressive array of trick shots while carrying out everyday tasks in seven rounds of the fun social dueling campaign. The various rounds included Superstar Wake-Up, Meme Battle, Happy Holidays, Getting Ready in Style, Breakfast My Way, Extreme Workout, and Aerial Duel.

Check out the duels below:


2017 Stance Spades

Dwyane Wade x Stance’s NBA All-Star Spades Party – an exclusive look

For Chicago Bulls star Dwyane Wade, spades isn’t just a card game; it contains vignettes of cherished childhood memories.

“My earliest memory of playing spades probably goes back to playing with my brothers, my dad, my stepmom, just sitting at the kitchen table, as a family, and they’re talking all kinds of junk,” Wade recalled, smiling. “My dad cheating, like cheating, he never lost, he never wanted to lose. And just sitting there and having a family moment. That was probably the most family moment I had, growing up just sitting down in one table. So it was great times.”

Wade said his wife Gabrielle Union is his favorite spades partner — and he insists, “I’m not just saying that because we’re married” — but if he had to pick another person, it would be his older brother Demetrius.

“He was so good, like, he can count. I’m not good at counting the trump that’s played, but he’s good at exactly how many is played, who played what … it was phenomenal, we won a lot.”

Two years ago, he decided to bring the game that united his family and brought so much joy to one of NBA’s most visible stages: All-Star Weekend. Popular sock brand Stance teamed up with Wade to co-host the annual event. Being the company’s brand ambassador and having close relationships with its staff, Wade said, the partnership happened organically.

And it was an instant hit. Even in its infancy, the party has attracted A-listers, from his close friends Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul to NBA legend Allen Iverson to the queen bee herself, Beyoncé. And that’s when he knew the event resonated.

“The first year Beyoncé came. That lets you know. She graced the spades tournament, and we had a dope time.”

The party is meant to be for fun and serve as a reunion, but that doesn’t mean some of the world’s best competitors will take the tournament lightly. Wade said there’s organized chaos and playful arguments that always sprout up, and he names James Harden and Paul, last year’s champion, as players he looks forward to competing against.

This year, The Undefeated got exclusive access to the Stance x Wade Spades Tournament with Technology by Samsung. Watch our coverage of the event above to see all the stars who came and who ultimately left with the crown.

GQ NBA Style Feb 21, 2017

Dwyane Wade’s Wife Gabrielle Union Does Not Approve of His Sweatpant Habit

The Chicago Bulls guard and NBA style veteran opens up about his sartorial choices during All-Star Weekend

At 35 years old, Dwyane Wade could be considered an elder statesman among NBA players, but that doesn’t stop him on the court. Nor does it hold him back from experimenting with his wardrobe the way a just-signed rookie might (bold suits, European designer pieces, scarves). After all, Wade was one of the first players to usher in the new era of NBA style, a short list that includes equally big names like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. Wade is consistently one of the best-dressed players in the league (after what we’ll call a dicey start at the 2003 NBA Draft) with a look that mashes up casual staples with impeccable tailoring that’s all his own. If practice is the key to playing well, trying a lot of different brands was the key to knowing what works for Wade (and for every other guy alive). The Bulls guard swears by brands like DSquared2 (his favorite label, he says), Berluti, Del Toro, and Helmut Lang to keep him looking his best.

Wade doesn’t subscribe to the same attention-grabbing fits as Russell Westbrook or the streetwear sensibilities of Nick ‘Swaggy P.’ Young. His sartorial leanings never veer too far from the center of the good taste Venn diagram—which is why he’s the type of player to make style headlines for the right reasons. It could have something to do with his elder statesman status, or the fact that he just knows what he’s doing, but as we learned in his hotel room during All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, it probably has at least something to do with his wife, actress Gabrielle Union. It turns out even NBA superstars aren’t immune to vetoes from their partners when it comes to what they wear—or being called out during an interview:

What kind of things did you pack for this quick trip to New Orleans?

I packed a lot of denim. I’m really into denim right now. I’ve got blue denim, black denim, and I’ve got an all-cream look. I packed a lot of outfits in monochrome.

Who makes your jacket?
Dsquared2. Also wearing Dsquared2 boots.

And the pants? I like the side zips at the bottom.
Daniel Patrick. I had on some Daniel Patrick cream pants but I changed into the black ones. I did bring along a whole Daniel Patrick outfit.

What kinds of jeans do you normally like?
I don’t really discriminate when it comes to jeans. When it comes to blue jeans a lot of mine are DSquared2. But my black jeans I wear are Acne or BLK DNM. [Calyann Barnett, my stylist] will tell me to wear the BLK DNM [Ed note: DWade is being normal and pronouncing this as “Black Denim”] and I’ll be like, “Which ones though?” And she’ll be like, “No, the BLK DNM.”

Dwyane Wade's Hublot

That’s a very impressive watch.
It’s Hublot. It’s solid, it’s something simple, all-black.

How many Hublot watches do you own?
A lot. [Laughs.] I’ve got a few. But tonight I’m going with old reliable.

How do you feel about how in men’s fashion everything seems to be moving in a more causal, sweatpants-heavy direction?
I’m an athlete. I’m all for it.

Do you feel the same way about the oversized trend that’s building momentum? Especially when it comes to pants?
I don’t like it too much.

Does it give you Draft Day suit flashbacks?
Yeah I’m not really down with that. I get it, but I’m not there on the pants. I get it with the T-shirts and jackets, but not the pants.

Do you own any of the designer track pants everyone seems to wearing now?
When I’m traveling, I’ll always want more sweatsuits. I tell [Calyann Barnett, my stylist] that I want them to be designer, though, and to fit a certain way. Whenever I’m traveling, I’m definitely wearing more sweats than I am things like what I’m wearing now.

Is there any pair of sweats you’ve worn more than any others this year and why?
Not really. This year I haven’t really repeated a pair. Normally I do have a favorite.

Dwyane Wade in DSQUARED2

[Gabrielle Union interjects from across the room]
Gabrielle Union: Did you say you haven’t repeated a sweatsuit?

Wade: I haven’t repeated, no.

Union: Can you put an asterisk in your article that says, like, “Dwyane’s an ass?”

Wade: No, we’re talking about designer sweatsuits.

Calyann Barnett: She’s saying you’re an asshole for saying that.

Wade: I’m an athlete, I have a lot of sweatsuits. But designer sweatsuits I don’t need to repeat.

Union: Mhm, mhm, mhm. Just like every man.

GQ: If it makes you feel any better I have, like, seven pairs of track pants and I’m not even an NBA player.
Wade: Don’t worry about what she’s talking about. Her closet is way crazier than mine. But you know what? I just realized my favorite [sweatpant] is Alexander Wang.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

Fancy Pop Up

Gabrielle Union and Husband Dwyane Wade Announce His and Hers Pop-Up Shop

D&G Fancy Pop Up

The couple that slays together…

When it comes to Hollywood’s most stylish pairs, actress Gabrielle Union and her NBA star husband Dwyane Wade are fixtures at the top of the list. (They also happen to have a shoe vault in their house.) Now, PEOPLE has learned exclusively that the two will soon be giving fans a chance to shop just like they do.

The pair, who tied the knot in August of 2014 and have been lighting up red carpets together ever since, have teamed up with online retailer to launch “D&G: A His and Hers Pop-Up Fancy Experience” in New Orleans during the upcoming NBA All-Star Weekend. The event offer fans a chance to snag products from their personal lines as well as a few of the couple’s favorite things. ”

“I am so excited to be the first actress to partner with Fancy on this pop-up shop during NBA All Star-Weekend and that I get to participate in this alongside my husband,” Union says in an exclusive statement announcing the upcoming event. “I can’t wait to showcase some of my favorite things.” Adds Wade, “I am excited to partner with my wife and curate a collection of our favorite items for NBA All-Star Weekend fans.”

Among items like select styles from his favorite shoe line Li-Ning and products from one of her favorite skincare lines Valmont, the pop-up will also mark the debut of the Being Mary Jane star’s highly anticipated new haircare line Flawless. “I want women who have textured hair to have great hair days,” Union previously told WWD of the reasoning behind creating her Flawless products.

And as the two plan to attend the event, shoppers may just get to see the couple’s coordinating style up close. “We love the fact that we’re both into [fashion],” Wade previously told PEOPLE of their ever-evolving style. Added Union, “It’s a cool, positive thing, [and] the more time we spent around each other it just sort of grew organically out of that.”

The power couple’s pop-up shop will be open Feb. 17 – 19 at the International House Hotel in New Orleans.


Dwyane Wade, Dsquared2 Collaborate on Capsule for Saks

By Alessandra Turra

The nine-piece collection will be sold exclusively at select Saks Fifth Avenue locations and online next spring.


DSquared Saks


MILAN — Dean and Dan Caten are training for an alley-oop.

The founders and creative directors of Dsquared2 have teamed with Chicago Bulls shooting guard Dwyane Wade on a capsule collection that will launch exclusively at select Saks Fifth Avenue locations and at next spring.

The Dsquared2 for Dwyane Wade collection celebrates the relaxed elegance of the basketball player — who wore a custom-designed Dsquared2 tuxedo for his wedding in Miami in 2014 — combined with the brand’s signature aesthetic and fit.

The collection will include nine pieces for both daytime and nightlife occasions.

“After having known Dean and Dan for many years, with their innovative designs influencing my style choices, I am thrilled to partner with Dsquared2 on a collection for Saks Fifth Avenue that expresses our shared vision of fashion as a means of creative expression,” said Wade, who will collaborate with the brand on a second capsule debuting later this year.

“Dean and Dan push boundaries and redefine fashion. I have incredible respect for what they do,” he continued. “Collaborating with two of the world’s most creative visionaries is a dream come true and we are creating a high-fashion collection that embodies fit, style and bold elegance. Each design reflects my personal taste and lifestyle, but is also geared toward the everyday man with an elevated fashion sense.”

Among the key pieces included in the capsule are wool jogging pants matched with a poplin T-shirt decorated with a maxi “3,” Wade’s jersey number, which also appears as a washed patch on a denim shirt in which the back is printed with the name “Wade” in black. Outerwear options include a biker jacket combining leather with denim reflecting Dsquared2’s signature patchwork, as well as a sporty nylon bomber with an athletic appeal. A geometric symbol designed by Wade is printed on the back pocket of a pair of white narrow fitted jeans washed to obtain a 3-D effect.

The Dsquared2 for Dwyane Wade collection also offers a quite eccentric, creative take on tailoring with a tuxedo showing a camouflage Lurex jacquard jacket featuring black satin lapels matched with stretch wool slim pants and a poplin shirt embellished with crystal touches.

“The collection is the perfect union of Dwyane’s instinct for fashion and Dsquared2 signatures. Working together with him on this capsule for Saks is the essence of our friendship and creative coming together,” said Dean Caten. “Dwyane is known for the way he puts together a casual look and with tailored pieces, and the collection we have created together reflects that modern style and spirit.”

Eric Jennings, vice president and fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue, added: “We love Dean and Dan’s signature bold style infused with Dwyane’s creative vision.”

In the meantime, the Caten brothers are gearing up to unveil their fall men’s and women’s Dsquared2 collections, which will be presented with a single show to be held in Milan on Sunday.

“The fashion system itself needs to be as fluid and modern as the changes that it perpetrates on the runway and we’re ready for a new approach — and it’s one that comes naturally to us, because we always design the Dsquared2 man with the Dsquared2 woman in mind and vice versa,” said Dan Caten, explaining the company’s decision to unify its men’s and women’s runway shows. “This helps in the wholesale run of the business where we now have the advantage of being able to deliver product on time.”

Asked about the main inspiration of the two collections, it’s “Canada, home sweet home,” exclaimed Dean Caten, noting that both the men’s and women’s fall lineups incorporate strong outdoor elements.

Oversize silhouettes and buffalo plaid fabrics will also define the show, which will be enlightened by pops of color. 

Dsquared2, which kicked off an aggressive retail expansion strategy in 2015 leading to the openings of flagships in key locations such as New York, Miami and Los Angeles, as well as a second store in Paris, recently inaugurated a boutique in Amsterdam and is about to hit Las Vegas.

“We’re really excited about it.  The same way we have matured and learned is reflected in the brand,” said Dan Caten. “There is more activity happening and the business is growing.”

W Magazine

Dwyane Wade Is a Man Who Can Do Both

The NBA star and NYFW ambassador on menswear, memes, and needing a good coat for Chicago.

When 6’4” NBA player Dwyane Wade isn’t on the court or at the gym, he can often be found scrunching his legs in front row at Fashion Week alongside his wife, Gabrielle Union and other fashion loving athletes like Victor Cruz. And not just in New York — Wade recently returned from Paris where he rubbed shoulders with his style idols David Beckham at Louis Vuitton and Olivier Rousteing at Balmain. He also attended spring 2017 shows for Dior Homme, Lanvin, and Givenchy. This season during New York Men’s week, he can officially call himself an “ambassador,” with the help of the CFDA, although he’s been attending shows here since the very beginning. Wade made headlines last week for his move from the Miami Heat to the Chicago Bulls, but he’s still got Balmain on the brain. Plus, he’s got to start thinking about where to get a warm winter coat…How would you describe your style? How has it evolved over the years?
I would describe it as unpredictable. I use my style as a way to express my mood and what I am doing for the day. My outfit reflects the hat I am wearing that day, whether it is a businessman, father, athlete, etc. My style has evolved a lot over the years. I wear clothes that fit and are well tailored. Also, I have expanded the different silhouettes in my closet and I do not feel the need to follow any fashion rules or trends.

Personal style icons:
James Bond, André Leon Talley, Michael Jackson,Olivier Rousteing, and David Beckham.

Most recent purchase:
Givenchy lace sweatshirt.

Something you’re lusting after:
I am looking forward to the whole Spring 2017Balmain collection.

Most prized possession in your closet:
My sneakers.

Something you would never wear:
I never say never anymore. There have been so many things I thought I would never wear and they have now become defining moments in my fashion story.

What does it mean for a man to “do both?” Who is an example in your mind?
Myself. I think I wear all suits — whether they’re sweats or tailored — extremely well.

Style pet peeve:
Ill-fitting clothes.

Chicago weather is very different from Miami. Of course, you travel a lot, but are you adding any cold weather pieces to your wardrobe?
I have a large selection of jackets and sweaters, but I am definitely planning on adding some down and fur jackets.

What do you think about the Internet going nuts over Steph Curry’s Under Armor sneakers? Does it make you more cautious about your own style choices? And did you have a strong reaction to them as well?
That’s the Internet. Not at all, I do not let anyone besides my stylist Calyann Barnett effect my style choices. No, I did not.

Shows your looking forward to at men’s week?
Ovadia & Sons, Rochambeau, John Varvatos, EFM, and Tim Coppens.

Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50

Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50

The editors of Sports Illustrated teamed up with sports and fashion experts to select the world’s 50 most stylish athletes, including the most fashionable athlete in sports.

Athletes were evaluated for more than what they wear, but how they wear it, where they wear it, why they wear it; designer collaborations, attendance at fashion shows, social media presence, investment in fashion, endorsements and other partnerships were all considered and a panel of stylists, executives, models, journalists and other influencers in the fashion industry worked with SI’s Jamie Lisanti to help shape the list.

Style MVPS: The Top 10

7. Dwyane Wade

Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50

Everyone knows D-Wade the basketball player, but I am also a father, husband, businessman and friend—and my style reflects that mix. It’s unpredictable. Some days I am suited and booted while other days I’m wearing casual sweats, but everything is always well tailored and worn with my own flare. Because I travel often I get to see how different countries and cultures interpret clothing and my wardrobe is inspired by those places. Fashion has allowed me to expand my brand beyond basketball. I currently have a line with The Tie Bar, a collaboration with socks brand Stance, a watch with Hublot and a range with underwear brand Naked—and I am not stopping there. Stay tuned.

— Dwyane Wade