Dec 20, 2011

Black Celeb Kids: Dwyane Wade on “Raising the American Dream”

Star basketball player Dwyane Wade is a proud single father of two. In addition to raising his sons Zion, 4, and Zaire, 9, Dwyane fathers his nephew. In a recent interview with ABC News, Wade talked about fatherhood and the importance of men taking their rightful places as dads in the home.

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D-Wade rules.

“When you come in the house, you get out of your school clothes, [and] you put them in the hamper.  You put your shoes away, wash your face, [and] brush your teeth. It’s a list I want them to follow.”


“I was like one of the only dads doing a lot of drop-offs, and they called me Mr. Mom for a while.”

On the large number of single-mother homes in the African-American community.

“As men we have to get back in line to raise our families. [We have] to make sure that this country that we live in can continue to strive by raising great kids.”

Being a millionaire and raising kids.

“It’s not about how much money I have or don’t have. It’s about the time I’m willing to sit down across the table from my kids; and if they don’t get something right, [it’s about] helping them get it right.”

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