Feb 12, 2012 ⇢ By: Dro

Dwyane Wade Covers the New Issue of Slam Magazine for Jordan-Themed Issue

SLAM Magazine is releasing a new collector’s issue that’s all Jordan’d out. Its both something for the sneakerheads and the basketball fans out there. And of course, you can see that Dwyane Wade will be gracing the cover. The issue comes out this week, below is the official description about it:

Description: We unveil SLAM Presents Jordan Brand, the insider’s guide to JB’s oncourt and offcourt kicks, as well as a complete look at upcoming athletic and performance apparel. Packed with pictures on pictures on pictures of Mike and the Brand’s biggest endorsers (as well as shoe-centric features with exclusive quotes from rarely heard from members of the Jordan Brand family) that you’ll see in no other print or web publication, SLAM Presents JORDAN BRAND is sure to exceed your wildest expectations.