Feb 14, 2017

SpotlightOn – Amber Anderson

Amber has participated in a clothes drive and food drive at her local church. She volunteers at her church weekly assisting with the youth. Amber also participated in Windy City Harvest helping clean up the garden in the community. On average Amber spends at least 8 to 10 hours a month volunteering.

Amber participates in student government at Kenwood where she is the sophomore class secretary. She is a part of the Common Ground mentoring program. She also, participates in FOCUS which is a service learning group at Kenwood that focuses on community service and leadership. Amber also is apart of ASCEND which is an organization that teaches youth about Educational Enrichment, Health Promotion, Family Strengthening, Environmental Ownership, Global Impact. She also participates in “On the Money” which is a program at Depaul University where she writes articles on money management. Amber also is a part of the RH school of Performing Arts where she takes modeling classes.

All of these activities help Amber overcome obstacles because her participation in these activities teaches her leadership skills; how to work as a team player; and social skills.

Amber would like to be a lawyer. Her dreams are to attend college and major in political science and business. She aspires to own her own law practice so that she can help individuals fight injustice.

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